Memorial Containers
Urns~ Essence of Immortality

With physical passing, what endures is preservation of spirit as we seek to venerate a beautiful life. I create these vessels to hold mementoes of the living or deceased, or ashes. These vessels thematically reflect the poetry of sentiment- serious or whimsical in representation, of human or gentle beast. Commissions tenderly and respectfully accepted, tailored to your visions.

Memoria in aeterna~ in perpetual remembrance

Donna L. Lish
A storage sleeve fits inside the beaded cylinder. The red ellipse is the circle of life and levitates like a halo.
Devine Tower
Divine Tower
The sleeve liner rests in the tower.
A vinyl liner can be added for ashes.
The beaded cone has a sleeve for storage. This urn is suspended, and has a cap, in blues.
12" x 3" x 3"

Homecoming Urns—personally styled at your request
Names/dates/symbols can be added to motif.
Each vessel has a cloth sleeve, and a vinyl insert if used for ashes.
Roofs open to storage within each residence.
Sizes vary from the largest thus far: 11"h x 8 "x 10". Smaller vessels range from 7"h x 3" x 3".
Home Always
Mobile Home Home Always

Creatures have pull-out tongues which reveal storage areas in the body.
These can serve, additionally, as caches for treasures.
Attracting Bugs
Attracting Bugs
The head detaches for storage in the body.